Reading Can Be Fun Activity for Children


For children, reading can make them live their imagination. As adults we can remember the time our parents read stories or books for us. During that time, we also imagine about the stories we’ve been told. Like “how a sleeping beauty is look like?”, “what are super power a fairy has?” or “how strong a super hero could be?”. Every story that we have been listened or read, encourages our imagination.

Reading lit up imagination

Books compete with various gadgets nowadays. Gadgets more vibrant and enthusiastic visually and in audio. They engage children attention immensely. Now compare with books, only books with pictures that seem interesting for children. Mostly, children only pay attention in pages that contain pictures. But that is the nature of children. They love vibrant colours and pictures. And book do really have serious competitors in  this currents time. How often will children read books if they do not take interest in it?

We do aggree with statement: do not give pressure to young child to be able to read. Reading skill should be taught based on children readiness and development. But reading is not all about able to read the words. Indeed, reading is one of the key skills to learn subjects. But not only that. By reading, we can gain informations, knowledges, experiences, and insights (Wahyuni, 2009). Reading can form one’s point of view and responses toward their life events. So it is important since it could play signifince role in our life.

Reading is a habit that started before children can read. Reading habit does not emerge automatically. It is formed (Pujiastuti, 2010). How do we help them to form it?
  1. Make children familiar with books from early age. Reading interest can be stimulated from the time children were born. In the age of 0-2 years, children’s brain develop rapidly. Around 80% of our brain capacity formed in this period. Children also very receptive in this time, they can absorb everything with strong memory. We can introduce books from this time, make books as their “friends”. Choose books that have bright colours and made from materials that not easily torn, then present to them. Of course the books will be a toy for them, but they will recognize book as fun experience they can choose. Not only playing with dolls, car, or sands, they also indentify reading as fun as those play activities. We can also put books in display, so they feel books are something close to them.
    Set up environmet that make children familiar with books
  2. Give age-appropriate books. It is not relevant to give children text books since children more eager to engange books with full colours, lots of drawings, and lot of pictures. Older children, especially those who already read fluently, are capable to read more text or long stories.
    Children in early age interested in pictures, vibrant colours, contrast colours, and texture (picture from here)
  3. Storytelling or read aloud with children. It is important that children enjoy reading activities. To make it fun, we can read them with storytelling way. In dynamic tone, role play, various expression, sing, and converse of what we read. With the child that already able to read, we can read along with them or make a role play of the story with them.
  4. Give example. Children memorize and imitate what their parents do. Read regularly. Not only books of course, like newspapers or other sources that improve our knowledge. It can lit their love for reading.

(Laelatus Syifa S. A. & Novita)


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